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Hi! We all know I haven’t posted in a while, i have been really buy, but its Christmas Break so.. I’ve got lots of time, just letting you know in a few i’m gonna finally be posting my art on here! I have 3 pictures i’m gonna show for now that I scanned straight from my notebooks to the printer!


Play Howrse!

Okay so recently I signed up for this game called “Howrse” im sure most of you know about it, it was connected to babydow, before they deleted it 😦 but anyway, I just signed up for it and it’s actually pretty darn fun! If you would like to play howrse, make sure to enter me as your sponsor! my username is : myleena. In order for it to work however, your server has to be in International. Thanks guys! Bye!!


Dear Workers

Well, it seems like i’m the only one posting again. Workers, I need you to post at least once a week please. I need someone to post about fantage updates since I can’t always get on myself. If any of you want to work here and are honest about posting frequently then you got the job! Just sign up, 1 or  2 spots open.


99 followers! WOWZZAAA

my reaction right now.. WOWZZAAA now say that out loud! sounds funny right?

But you guys remember my post when I said I would be partying when i got 100 followers… Well it’s close! I have no idea what i’m gonna do to celebrate but HAY HAY HO HO RAHM EMANUELS GOT TO GO! I don’t exactly know why I said that but its stuck in my head. (good times when CPS was on strike) but anyways I wanna thank you all so much for all the support and love and follows and comments and likes and views and love and follows and comments! Really! But I just drank an Oreo Shake from Burger King and it was GROSS but I still drank it, it was 3 dollars XD and now i’m hyperrr so I need to stop typing right a now a and stuff but um yeah yeah thats good and great byeeeee


2 or 3 days..

Times a ticking guyss…. almost time for school! I went to the orientation yesterday so I’m kinda ready.. mentally XD. I’m not even lying right now tho I have no supplies, no uniform no new stuff XD i’m a wreck! But im gonna have to wait until Friday to get everything. So, my first day of 8th grade will be me looking like a bum! Thanks broke parents! And all of America, including Hawaii XD